4Artist Marker By Pebeo - 2mm

  • £2.50

These New Pebeo 4ARTIST MARKER Pens have a 2mm round nib, making them ideal for precise drawing, fine detail and writing. They are available in 10 different colours and will write for approximately 209 metres.

Pebeo 4ARTIST MARKERS are permanent oil based Paint Pens. The bright, glossy, highly pigmented opaque colours give great coverage and have high lightfastness. They are quick drying and can be re-worked to obtain colour variations and shading. The colour is very solid so no pen strokes are visible.

Use Pebeo 4ARTIST Paint Markers on Canvas, Plastic, Wood, Metal or Bristol Board. Just shake the Paint Pen with the cap on before use and press the nib down several times on a scrap piece of paper. Your Paint Marker is now ready to use.

Try thinning Pebeo 4ARTIST MARKERS down with mineral spirits to produce glazes or use them with acrylic paints, oil paints or other solvent based paints.

Pebeo 4ARTIST MARKERS are the perfect contemporary painting tool that offer more control than a paint brush and make painting a lot easier. Ideal for drawing, outlining, street art, painting, graphic design, writing and illustration.

Store Pebeo 4ARTIST MARKER Pens flat after use.