DMC Top This Kids Hat Kits

  • £9.50

DMC Top This Hat Kit contains a  ball of yarn that has 3 Continuous textures, comes with a cute Pom Pom. You just knit the hat and then add the Pompom Character to the top. These are just Fun and Colourful Hats that any Child (or Adult) will love. Why not Crochet it instead!

Ball band comes with an easy knit pattern for a hat, this will fit from Toddlers to Teens (you can adapt it yourself for a large adult, you will need 2 balls though).

Yarn is 78% Acrylic and 22% Nylon,
Pom Pom Character is 100% Polyester,

You will need a pair of 5.5mm Knitting Needles and a Sewing Needle.