Girls Cardigan - DMC Crochet Pattern

Girls Cardigan - DMC Crochet Pattern

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Using the Dmc Crochet Girls Cardigan Pattern, give your little girl a wonderful, wearable gift made entirely by you. Designed by Hilary Mackin.

This easy-to-follow pattern can help you to create a fab little crochet cardigan. Perfect as a gift for your loved ones, this cardigan is ideal for special occasions and outings. The design features a sweet, floral pattern with an intricately-laced collar. Ideally for Petra 3 Crochet Cotton, keep your growing girls snug and comfortable and looking absolutely adorable!

Create a wardrobe made out of hand-made fashion fun!

Age range: 6 months to 5 years.
Finished size: 45 – 61 cm. (Approximately 18 - 24 Inches.)
Buttons not included.