Hoooked Taormina Handbag Kit

  • £15.00

Crochet your own handbag with this Hoooked Zpagetti kit. The Taormina handbag kit contains 2 balls of Hoooked Zpagetti yarn, crochet hook, shoulder strap, buckle and instructions.

Hoooked Zpagetti is a jumbo crochet and knitting textile yarn served up with easy patterns and trendy inspiration. Zpagetti textile yarn is recycled from high quality fashion fabrics.

Since the width of Zpagetti strands is between 0.8 cm and 1.2 cm, a large crochet hook or large knitting needles are needed. An important characteristic of Zpagetti is that the width and structure of the yarn differs. It is important to keep an eye at the desired size and shape of your item while crocheting or knitting with a pattern. You can change the amount of stitches in the pattern, depending on the width and elasticity of the Zpagetti yarn and your personal taste.

Zpagetti usually contains of 95 percent of cotton and some percentages of elastane or lycra. It is therefore washable at low temperatures. Items made in Zpagetti can be washed by hand or in a washing machine at low temperatures in a pillow cover.