MacScarecrow Clan - Jean Greenhowe Knitting Pattern Book

MacScarecrow Clan - Jean Greenhowe Knitting Pattern Book

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While working on her designs, Jean often makes up stories about her characters. But with the MacScarecrows something extra special happened and a whole magical world was created in the far-away Highlands of Scotland.

The adult dolls measure about 34cm (13½in) in height, while Wee Sproot is a wee 24cm (9½in). Big Bobby is 38cm (15in) high.

Knitters will be intrigued to find that Uncle Angus ’ Bagpipe is a perfect tiny replica of the real instrument, complete in every detail. 

You may imagine the kilts with all the checks would be tricky to produce on so small a scale.  Not so.  The horizontal stripes are knitted-in on the front pieces and the vertical stripes are worked in Swiss darning.Precise instructions and a photograph show just how simple this is.  Jean has also devised a superb method for working the back pleats, based upon a simple rib pattern.