Brittany Lace Beret and Handwarmers Pattern - West Yorkshire Spinners Signature Style Collection

  • £2.40

Knitting is all about creating something unique, something special that stands out from the crowd. Enthused and inspired by the myriad of stunning Signature 4 Ply projects on Ravelry, West Yorkshire Spinners are delighted to introduce Signature Style. This new collection of 7 distinctive and individual designs has something for everyone,covering a range of different styles and ability levels.

Following the success of their ‘Signature Socks’ leaflet, they commissioned the talented Emma Wright to design this eclectic collection of garments and accessories. The brief was to combine the vibrant new Country Birds colours with their statement accent colours to create a range of individual patterns which would be truly unique.


The Brittany Lace ensemble evokes the sights and sounds of Paris. The beret, complete with a fluffy pompom is sure to make a lasting impression. Knit this set in your two favourite shades of Signature 4ply for modern chic accessories.

Signature 4Ply